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COOK WANTED! (Artifact #018999310)

Sawmill Camp Stove

Artifact #: 018999310

Donor: Jones Family

Walking into the main room of the Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick, it is hard to miss this large wood-burning cookstove! This stove served the many men who worked at the Jones Brothers Sawmill in Apohaqui, New Brunswick. It measures 50in long x 33in wide x 30in high.

The sawmill employees required lots of calories to have the energy for their physically demanding jobs. They were served hearty, no-nonsense meals featuring loaves of home-made bread with cakes or pies for dessert. The amount of bread and desserts cooked in this stove is hard to imagine.

The Jones Brothers Sawmill is listed in a 1937 Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Forestry Branch report as producing between 1 and 5 million board feet of lumber per year. The mill was located in Apohaqui where the "Jones Park" is now. Colby Jones was an important part of the sawmill and owned large tracts of timber land. Another member of the family was George Jones who represented his community first as an MLA, then as an MP and finally a Canadian Senator from 1935 -1950.


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