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Fox Crate (Artifact #91210)

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The fur farming industry played a huge role in the early days of New Brunswick agriculture. Wooden crates, like the one pictured below, were used to safely transport breeding stock between fur farmers throughout the country. These crates included small comforts to the animal, such as an opening used to water and feed the pup enclosed.

This specific crate was used to transport a fox pup to a farm in Penobsquis prior to 1945. The specific date of its use is unknown.

This artifact was found on a farm purchased in 1945 by George Waterston, and which continues to be operated by the Waterston family in 2023.

Today, there are few remaining fox farms in operation in New Brunswick and the regulations for the transport of live animals have dramatically improved.

Image Description: A small wooden crate with two wide doors on either side featuring latches and tear-drop shaped windows covered with wire mesh.

Artifact #:91210

Donated by: Frank A. Waterston of Penobsquis


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