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Grind Stones (Artifact #99468)

Have you noticed these very large stones outside our blacksmith shop as you drive by?

Called grind stones, grinding stones or mill stones, they were used in grist mills to grind wheat or other grains.

These mills used the force of wind or water to rotate the upper stone against the lower stone which was kept stationary. The force of the two stones rubbing together would then grind the grain placed between these two stones into flour.

If you look closely, you can see the inside surface of both stones is grooved to direct the flour to the outer edges of the stones for ease of collection.

Our well-loved stones are believed to be about 300 years old!

Image Description: Two large circular stones with wood wedged between them to display the etched lines on the inner faces of each stone.

Artifact#: 99468

Donated by: Walter Duffy


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