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🎶🎶 Oh, what fun it is to ride 🎶🎶

Ash Pung Sleigh #98725

Donor: Robert Huggard

Buffalo Fur Rug #90320

Donor: George & Frances Sharp

In 1883, John T Clark and his son, WG Clark, formed the J Clark and Son Fredericton Carriage Company. In 1915, J Clark and Son Ltd brought the first Chevrolet to Canada, displaying it at Fredericton's annual exhibition, and began selling the "horseless carriages" to local carriage dealers and blacksmiths. The company is still going strong over 100 years later and while you will not find this item for sale at their Leonard Drive location, the company name is stamped on this sleigh.

You will 🎶jingle all the way with the 6 bells fixed to the shafts. Maybe you will keep warm under a buffalo fur rug or have your hands tucked into a muff as you are pulled o'er the fields, 🎶laughing all the way.


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