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Christmas on the Farm

"It was Christmas morning 1954 and I was 10 years old. I had one older and two younger brothers and one younger sister. Our youngest brother had recently stopped napping in the afternoon, so my mother wanted him to sleep as long as possible in the morning. She told us that we were NOT allowed to get up Christmas morning until Dad went to the barn for the morning milking. But we were always too excited to sleep on Christmas morning and would wake at 2 or 3am. Dad didn’t go to the barn until at least 5:30. How could we wait that long to see what Santa brought us??? 

This Christmas morning, Mum was accepting none of our excuses to be allowed downstairs – not even a visit to the outhouse in the cold and dark night. She might as well have let us because we didn't go back to sleep and I am sure she didn’t either.  

When we were finally allowed to go downstairs, we opened our stockings to find an apple, an orange, barley toys and ribbon candy along with some small toys like a Slinky. After Dad finished milking, we opened the gifts under the tree. "

  • a Christmas memory by Donna (McLeod) Murray who is still too excited to sleep on Christmas morning and gets up at 2am to open her stocking. 


Artifact#: 992106

Donor: Elizabeth Trites

The museum has 12 of these twisted metal Christmas tree decorations.


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